Mat’s Water Slide Birthday Bash

September 2, 2015

Mat Water Slide | DitchingNormal

I love celebrating birthdays. Always have. I like to think of my birthday as more of a birth”week” as opposed to a birth”day”. Mat has never really been into celebrating his birthday, so this makes it difficult for me to plan anything. We also have come to realize (thanks to this eye-opening 5 Love Languages quiz) that neither one of us are big on giving or receiving material gifts, so we did away with getting each other presents for birthdays and holidays. Instead, we have decided to spend that money on vacations and experiences.

Since our birthday vacation isn’t until the end of September, I still wanted to celebrate Mat’s day of birth, and since it conveniently landed on a Friday, I wanted to celebrate the whole weekend! We found some middle ground by keeping things low key (Mat’s preference) on Friday and Saturday, and then having a larger birthday celebration on Sunday (my preference). I must get the whole celebrating-birthdays-big thing from my family because check out what my parents and I rented for the water slide birthday bash….!

There were minimal injuries, but tons of hysterical laughter from everyone. My family sure knows how to party!

Birthday Water Slide | DitchingNormal

Mat | DitchingNormal

Mat | DitchingNormal

Water Slide | DitchingNormal

Lacey | DitchingNormal

Lacey Water Slide | DitchingNormal

Lacey | DitchingNormal

Lacey | DitchingNormal

Lacey | DitchingNormal

Baby Water Slide | DitchingNormal

Birthday | DitchingNormal

Hagerman, ID Corn Field | DitchingNormal

Birthday Cake | DitchingNormal

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