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San Francisco Continued…

October 4, 2015

Our second full day in San Francisco was just as action packed as the first. I am a lover of Full House, so of COURSE I wanted to picnic in Alamo Square just like the Tanners. I knew the day was going to be good when we scored an amazing parking spot right at the entrance to the park. Before sitting down and enjoying the view, we walked just a block around the corner to grab some food at The Mill-which is famous for it’s $4 slices of toast. That’s right, $4 for a slice of toast. Mat and I went all out and each had a coffee, then we shared the Country, the Whole Wheat Sesame Poppy and an amazing strawberry filled doughnut. I’m pretty sure the total was $47 or something.

After breakfast from The Mill and hanging out in Alamo Park, we continued with the Full House theme and went to find the actual house the Tanners lived in. It was a little anti-climactic because the current owners had re-painted the house, most likely to deter crazies like us from stalking them and taking pictures all day. Well, the joke is on them because of course we still loitered and took pictures.

I have a friend who lived in San Francisco for a few years, so she had told us  to attend Off the Grid-a giant, local food truck party that had a bar and a live DJ! I guess this event happens a few times a week in different locations. This was maybe one of my favorite things we did while in San Francisco. We made our way to The Presidio (scored another amazing parking spot) and of course ordered a mimosa and Moscow mule immediately. We then laid in the grass, soaking up Vitamin D all afternoon and mingled with the locals. This event reminded us of Boise-just a little bit larger scale because it was family (and dog) friendly and really laid back.

We ended the day by dressing up a little fancier and having cocktails in the most amazing lounge, The View. Oh. My. Gosh. The views from the 39th floor of the hotel were AMAZING. When we first arrived we grabbed a little table that was just back from the window, with the obvious hope to poach the table that was right next to the window as soon as the people currently sitting there were finished. Our little plan worked! I would say this is an absolute must when visiting San Fran. Even if you don’t want to sit and enjoy a cocktail, I still suggest taking the elevator up and checking it out.

Our last morning before flying out we wanted to check out a couple rooftop gardens. Our favorite was at the top of the One Kearny building. We spent the morning soaking up the sun and drinking our coffee with more gorgeous views of the city.









The Full House house.


This is me mingling and blending in with the locals.




This is the building where we stayed….AND where we met almost 9 years ago!



The View Marriot San Francisco | DitchingNormal






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