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“Downtown Boise is dying”….not.

February 15, 2016

Last summer my best friend was in town for a “bridal spa day” at a local spa in downtown Boise. My friend is originally from Boise, but hasn’t lived here in about six years, so she was chatting with her masseuse about the changes that have happened since she moved away. Guess what the masseuse told her? Word for word…”downtown Boise is dying.”  All I can say is….that girl is an idiot.

When my friend was finished with her massage and relayed this conversation to me I was…enraged. Maybe enraged is too strong of a word, but I was definitely defensive. I mean, what does this girl think when she drives to work every day through NEW CONSTRUCTION?! In her brain new construction must = dying.

I am probably a bit more defensive than the average Boise resident because we live downtown. I will admit that the Village in Meridian has stolen two of my favorite stores, but that doesn’t compare to the new additions to the downtown scene.  The other day Mat and I decided to see how many new projects we ran into just on our walk to the gym-which is only about a half a mile. Downtown Boise is dying? I think not.

Simplot headquarters (read more here) and JUMP (check out our post here).

Jump Center Construction Downtown Boise

Clearwater Analytics & Boise’s new underground transit system (read more here)

Grove Construction Downtown Boise

One Nineteen (see it here)

One Nineteen Condos in downtown Boise

Hyatt (read it here) and Boise’s Boutique Hotel-Hotelier

Boutique Hotels Construction in downtown Boise

Not to mention more projects just down the street….

The Afton (For real, we would love to live here)

Payette Brewing (We are hoping this will be our Maclarens *HIMYM reference*)

The Fowler aka “Roost”-Boise’s first mixed use apartment project! 159 apartments, live work units, retail and more. Where Old Boise becomes New Boise.

Coming soon directly across the street from our condo…Embassy Suits Hotel, Hilton Hotel and Parking structure, thanks to Gardner Company. Read about it here.

Capital Building Boise

Grove Construction Downtown Boise

Sky view of Grove in downtown Boise

Farmer's market in downtown Boise

Empty Street in downtown Boise

Mat and Lacey in downtown Boise

Capital Building in downtown Boise

Capital Building and Farmer's Market in downtown Boise

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